Sonlight Curriculum Review

By Ann H
(Monticello, AR)

Visitor Review:
Grades Used: 1st and 2nd
Dates Used: July 2007 to present

I was introduced to Sonlight as a high school student. Having experimented through numerous programs and curriculum sets during my years of homeschooling, my mother finally found Sonlight for my youngest siblings. I was immediately envious! Their school books were biographies and historical fiction! The very type of books I read for enjoyment they read for school!

As my own children were approaching school age, and after research on my own, I knew that Sonlight was the perfect choice for my own family.

Sonlight takes a literary approach to learning. The program is built around a Core program of history and geography, poetry, and read-alouds. Each Core can be easily taught to multiple children of various ages, and Sonlight provides a great deal of guidance when determining which Core to purchase. The experience is rounded out by a Science Core, which can also be used for multiple ages.

Language arts/reading, math, writing, and electives selections can then be added for individual learning.

The literature chosen for each Core is rich and enjoyable, leaving children begging for more each day.

Sonlight’s greatest strength lies in the Instructor’s Guides. The IG’s are invaluable for tying together all of the useful literature. They guide the parent to create geography and map lessons from a reader. They help the parent lead in a discussion about what is learned each day. They give guidance for preparing vocabulary lessons straight from the books read throughout the curriculum. Without the Instructor’s Guides, Sonlight is a collection of wonderful books. With them, Sonlight is an amazing educational tool.

The biggest endorsement for Sonlight comes from my children themselves. Although, like all kids, they sometimes need a break from school, they themselves will tell you that they absolutely love school! They are as excited about their books today in week 31 as they were last fall in week 1. That excitement is all I need to be convinced that we have found the curriculum that is right for us.

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