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125xNxace-complete.jpg.pagespeed.ic._sg1y88fPmThe school of tomorrow or the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum (ACE) is one that follows a self taught philosophy.

This means that the lessons are designed to allow the children themselves to discover and learn on their own. It is designed for self pacing allowing children to take the time they need on each lesson.

This is necessary because the ACE home school curriculum is mastery based so each lesson builds on the one before it. This is similar to regular school curriculums that build on the information learned previously.

ACE stands for Accelerated Christian Education. It is more than just a Christian home school curriculum. It is a complete package offering both the curriculum and support for parents.

Advantages of this Home School Curriculum

There are a number of advantages to this particular Homeschool curriculum.

• The biggest is the fact advantage is that it is independent and self taught. The lessons are designed to allow the students to learn and discover on their own. They are designed including, vocabulary, quizzes and mastery tests.

This means that students can progress as they learn each lesson rather than having to sit though things they already know or follow a set schedule. This gives children who need more time the time they need and children who need less can move ahead as they need. Parents can provide tutoring at any time and do not need to be locked into a learning schedule or a certain number of hours a day for education. This means that there is a greater amount of flexibility.

• There is also a team of advisors and support that can be called by parents if they need assistance

• There is also a full accreditation from SACS and CITA making it easier for credits from this program to be transferred and accepted by colleges. You can also receive report cards, transcripts and diplomas.

Disadvantages of ACE or School of Tomorrow Curriculum

• There are some disadvantages to allowing self teaching. There are some children who need the routine and schedule created by more traditional schooling and traditional schedules.

• While it offers discounts, the ACE program, is one of the more expensive options for home schooling. Other programs like Switched on Schoolhouse are more affordable for many homeschoolers.

• There are a large number of options so that you can pick and choose for your children. This can lead to some disorganization and provides less of a structured learning environment, which may cause issues with some families. Other families may find it to be acceptable.

Test It!

It is a good idea to test out this curriculum or the guidelines of it before investing in it to make sure that it is right for you and your family, but many Christian Homeschool families love it!

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