Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse Curriculum

Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse is a Bible-based home school computer curriculum where children learn, study and complete school work on the computer.

Subjects Covered

All the core Alpha Omega subjects for grades 3-12 are included: Math, Language Arts, Science, History and Geography, and Bible.

face on laptop screenAll subjects are presented with a Christian and creationist worldview. While this may thrill most Christian homeschoolers, it is not possible for a secular homeschooler to take out the “Bible” subject and remove Christian references. Christian teachings are found in every subject.

Everything from History to Science to writing lessons…all include references to a Christian perspective of events and are full of Biblical references and explanations.

Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse Curriculum may be a perfect choice for families who want a truly Christian education for their children.

How Students Learn…

This computer based homeschooling program guides the rate of student work through an interactive learning environment, shows videos with 3-D animation, tutors and sets the level of mastery based on parental preferences. There are approximately 130 lessons per subject in this homeschool software to allow each student to work at his or her own pace.

For Parents…

It also saves busy parents time using automatic grading, lesson planning and record keeping. For parents who want to home school, but are short of time, talent and resources…Switched on Schoolhouse is appreciated!

We have personally used this with our older children and love it. It is challenging, fun and truly bible-based!

The Downside?

The only “downside” to this program is for kids who really like to have the hard copy of books. We found that if you print some lessons out or supplement with some great reading material…kids don’t feel like they are missing a thing.

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