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Learn More about Easy Grammar Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum…Top Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum Options


Before selecting a homeschool language arts curriculum, you have to study your options. You have to consider the expense of each option, but more importantly, you have to consider what each program will teach your child.

250xNxgirldoingenglishhomework.jpg.pagespeed.ic.fiSaNYgia5Your ability to follow and teach the material as a parent and teacher is critical as well. The ideal program will teach your child everything they need to learn for their grade level and some of the stuff they want to learn while matching the personalities you and your child bring to the plate.

That sounds like a tall order, but do not feel discouraged. There are some excellent choices out there, and the following list will introduce you to some of the best options.

Alpha Omega Life Pac Language Arts

The Alpha Omega Life Pac program is completely based on Biblical texts. For each school year from kindergarten to grade 12, your child will work toward mastering ten texts. Each text should take approximately three weeks to complete, but children are encouraged to progress at their own pace. The goal is to move your child to a new text once they have completely mastered the skills meant to be taught through the current text.

This program requires workbooks which cannot be reused for multiple children. You can make copies of pages if you want to save expenses by allowing multiple children to use one book. This is perfect for Christian homeschool families who do not need a computerized element in their instruction.

Note that all offerings from Alpha Omega have

Biblical lessons woven throughout every subject. This is a good fit for Christian homeschooling families, but are not good choices for anyone looking for completely secular options. Learn more about the Alpha Omega LifePacs…

Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse

300xNxsosgame.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Oq4qN2_71yAlpha Omega continues to offer its Bible-based curriculum with an emphasis on the creationist viewpoint with this program, but everything is based on computer learning. Extensive lessons are presented through computer software, so children are given interactive, fun lessons followed by a series of exercises for comprehension. Testing is completed through the computer program, so parents do not have to spend time grading or planning lessons.

The Switched on Schoolhouse programs are purchased as computer software, so an internet connection is not required for use. If you do have internet access, your child can take excursions to program-approved sites for further learning. This is perfect for Christian homeschool families who want a computerized system that is easy to follow which keeps to their religious views. Learn more about Switched on Schoolhouse…

Learning Language Arts through Literature

This program teaches your child everything they need to learn about literature, writing, grammar, spelling, and language development. The program allows children to learn and apply their knowledge through active lessons that include real literary passages and writing assignments. Your child will not be presented endless worksheets that require basic filling in of blanks.

Note that the amount of information presented in this homeschool language arts curriculum can be overwhelming to some children, and even to some parents. This is an ideal program for parents who understand and love language arts, and who want to be actively involved in teaching this subject.  Learn more about Learning Language Arts through Literature…

Shurley English

Grammar, writing, and speaking skills are taught together through this fully developed program. Children learn to appreciate and understand literature while becoming comfortable with their own writing skills and improving their speech. The program incorporates workbooks and written lessons as well as some computerized lessons. Some lessons are quite outdated, but other than that this is a solid curriculum that will help your child understand and apply what they learn rather easily.

This is one of the more expensive homeschool language arts curriculum options available today, but many families love that it is so comprehensive and well designed. The lessons are very high quality, but you may need some supplementation for the areas that have not been updated in years. Learn more about Shurley English…

Daily Grams and Easy Grammar

These two programs are typically used together, though you can use them individually if you like. Easy Grammar is the full language arts curriculum, and Daily Grammar is a series of review lessons designed for completion on a daily basis. The Easy Grammar curriculum is thorough for all students trying to learn basic grammar lessons, but it will not teach your child all of the extended language arts material that comes with some other programs.

Daily Grams can be used to supplement any language arts program. That includes some programs that may be great for other elements of writing but which slack in grammar lessons. Daily Grams can also be used as review of grammar lessons learned in earlier years. Learn More about Easy Grammar Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum…

Put It to the Test

Selecting the right language arts instructional material is critical to your child’s education. If you are torn between a couple options, find a way to give them a try. Get your hands on used materials or ask other homeschool parents to share their experiences of using those programs. Take the time to find the right curriculum for your child’s learning and your teaching style.