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6th Grade Curriculum and Homeschool Learning Objectives

What are sixth graders expected to learn? Before you develop or choose a 6th grade curriculum for your homeschool, it is important to understand the learning goals for sixth graders. Sixth grade programs offer exciting options for homeschooling families.

This is where many parents will be reminded of how difficult school was in their younger years, and many will find themselves learning with their children just as often as they teach them. A lot of academic and social progress will be made in this year, so be prepared for to have more dynamic, interactive lessons and material that is a bit more sophisticated than the material presented in earlier grades. You still need to follow your state’s requirements for what sixth graders are expected to learn, but you will likely find yourself supplementing and adjusting your programs to meet the individual personality of your child. In fact, families with multiple children typically find themselves doing things different with each child as they get into these older grades.

Language Arts and Writing Objectives for Sixth Graders:

  • 6thgradersAdvanced reading, discussing and comprehending of all text varieties
  • Advanced vocabulary skills including synonyms, antonyms, homophones, etc.
  • Write a variety of texts from letters and stories to poems and long reports
  • Polish research skills and use of library, if not already proficient from fifth grade

Mathematics Objectives for 6th Graders:

  • Apply addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to real life situations
  • Understand when to use different forms of mathematics
  • Advanced graphing skills
  • Solve story problems that require multiple mathematic operations
  • Start to solve mathematical problems in the head, rather than writing and showing work
  • Convert different standards of measurement
  • Add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers
  • Introduce integers and variables
  • Work with percentages and ratios
  • Comprehend more advanced geometry concepts

Science Objectives for 6th Grade Curriculum:

  • Conduct scientific investigations
  • Explore plant life and parts of plants
  • Basic understanding of the solar system (planets, moon, etc.)
  • Explore concepts of energy and motion

Social Studies Objectives:

  • Study civilization and history of people from different areas of the world
  • United States history and civilization to modern times
  • Introduce concepts of political science and economics

More Basic Tips for Teaching Sixth Grade:

  • Sixth graders should be working independently much of the time. They will still need help at times and should be graded and checked for mistakes, but they should be doing their work on their own.
  • Increasing hands-on activities and experiments is a good idea at this point. As children get older, they are able to do more on their own and will learn more if they are enjoying the process of learning.
  • Sixth grade is where many students will stop learning to read and start enjoying the process of reading. Reading is used as a tool in other subjects, so there may be less time spent on reading lessons at this point. Students who do not enjoy reading should be encouraged to read at least a half hour each day outside of schoolwork.
  • Science should be largely experimental at this level. Allow your children to explore questions that they have about the world around them, creating experiments that allow them to find answers.
  • This is the grade where social interactions may feel more urgent to a child than academics. You may have to work harder to keep them focused and on track.

Highest-Rated Complete Programs for Sixth Graders:

Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse –This is a great time to start transitioning to a computer-based program. With the built-in lesson planner it helps kids become more responsible for working independently and juggling their schedule.
Alpha Omega Life Pacs-This mastery learning program is preferred by many 6th graders who love to see the progress of finishing a work text and seeing their progress.

History Suggestion:

Mystery of History— Sixth grade is a great time for Christian parents to try this program with their kids. It combines Biblical and secular history in a way few other options do.

Science Curriculum Favorite:

Apologia Science — One of the most interesting ways to teach science, this gives a great foundation for 6th graders who want to prepare themselves for tough high-school science classes in a few years.

Top Homeschool Math Choices:

Horizons Math — 6th grade is the last year to use Horizons for math, but we would still suggest it because it is a such great program.
Saxon Math 76 — A very thorough math program to teach strong math skills. (The second number in Saxon Math 76 indicated for what grade level that the program is recommended.)
MathUSee — A parent favorite, this program brings math concepts to life with visual representations of problems to help kids understand how math works.
Teaching Textbooks — For the child who is hesitant to do math, this is a great option. We would suggest the package that includes both the CD-Rom AND the worksheets for best results.

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