The Weaver Curriculum

Looking for a great Christian home school curriculum? The Weaver curriculum may be the right complete homeschool curriculum for you.

Weaver homeschool comes with a number of volumes, workbooks and additional resources. It also comes with a planning guide for parents who would prefer to have lesson plans done by the curriculum rather than taking the time to plan everything out.

It can also be very affordable because each volume lasts 1-2 years and can teach the entire family from one curriculum plan using the Bible, the Weaver curriculum volume binder and resources available from your local library.

Truly Bible Based

The Weaver homeschool curriculum is different from most other Christian Homeschool curriculum choices because it does not weave Christian principles into the normal secular curriculum. It takes the Bible as its starting point and compass to teach all other aspects of life and learning.

Possible Disadvantages to the Curriculum

There are some possible disadvantages to this curriculum. It uses a great deal of additional resources which are not included in the core curriculum for those with access to public resources such as a large library system this will more than likely not be a problem, though it will create the need for additional planning. For those without access to these types of resources there may be a significant expense when it comes to the additional books and resources necessary to cover all the lessons.

It also requires some advance planning and research on the part of the parents in order to make it possible to present the material requested by the lesson plans.

Why New Parents Love it

While it may be said that the well structured format is a downside it can also be an upside especially for parents who have had little experience with home schooling and who want the option of having things laid out for them. There is a suggested reading list and if you are using the lesson plans then you will find just about everything that you need on the list. You can of course use other readings that provide the same material and for those that want to cover different areas you can use the lesson plan simply as a guide to help give structure or an idea of one type of structure that can be used when home schooling.

This is something that many parents forget when home schooling. It can be a difficult time learning how to structure everything so that you can successfully teach your children what they need to know as well as provide for a job or house. This is one of the benefits that are provided by curriculums that offer complete homeschool curriculum packages including suggested reading and additional resources.

Great for Teaching Multiple Children

The Weaver homeschool curriculum is great for families with multiple age children. This Christian curriculum allows all children in a family to learn the same Bible story at the same time and cover the same topics. For example, when studying Moses and the plagues, they will not only learn about the proper biblical account, but also write about the story, study snakes and insects and study of the historical aspects of Moses time.

The only difference between what the children learn is dependent on their age and ability which is spelled out clearly in the teaching material.

Some parents claim that once they tried the Weaver curriculum…they finally enjoyed teaching again because they could teach all children together with a truly Biblical approach again.

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