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Third Grade Curriculum and Homeschool Learning Objectives

What are 3rd graders expected to learn from their third grade curriculum? You have to understand the basic objectives for 3rd grade before you can develop or choose an effective homeschool curriculum for your children.

Your primary reasons for homeschooling may have included the ability to determine what your children learn and on what schedule they learn, but you cannot shun the basic objectives established by your state. Make sure to check your state requirements before you get into major third grade curriculum planning.

If you are lucky, you live in a state that is not overly restrictive when it comes to curriculum requirements for third grade. If you do live in a more restrictive state, then it is essential that you know the requirements and meet them. To help you get started, make use of this generalized list of objectives for third graders everywhere.

Reading/Language Arts Objectives:

  • 300xNx3rdgradehomeschoolboy.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ipkIInLcCGContinue improving reading fluency
  • Start to read and comprehend more detailed stories and nonfiction texts
  • Discuss books and stories with others (story themes, meanings, personal opinion, etc.)
  • Begin to formulate summaries to describe basic ideas in texts
  • Begin reading online, in newspapers, magazines, and other forms
  • Start to identify and enjoy different literary genres (biography, historical, plays etc.)
  • Introduce concepts of research and organizing notes before writing text
  • Continue working with spelling lists to enhance vocabulary
  • Begin to write longer stories, book reports, and other texts with proper format and punctuation

Mathematics Objectives:

  • Start adding and subtracting large numbers (four and more digits)
  • Work with basic multiplication tables and commit many to memory
  • Introduce and start working with fractions and decimals
  • Understand odd and even numbers
  • Find more advanced patterns in numbers and shapes
  • Start to understand division
  • Problem solve story problems with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Science Objectives:

  • Introduce the planets, sun, moon and basic solar system
  • Understand the food chain and animal life in more detail
  • Introduce basic concepts of geography (oceans, lakes, states, etc.)

Social Studies Objectives:

  • Explore methods of travel
  • Get into details of how other people live around the world
  • Explore different religious beliefs

Basic Tips for Teaching Third Grade:

  • Independent learning really begins in third grade. Children should be capable of working independently and solving more learning problems on their own. Allow them more freedom while checking their independent work closely when they are finished.
  • Allow children to make more decisions as far as what they read at this level. This will increase the chances of them finding enjoyment in reading. They may even have favorite sections of the library at this age.
  • Use concepts introduced in first and second grade to make more advanced math and reading skills more understandable. For instance, children can use skip counting to help with multiplication.
  • Start asking children questions about what they are reading. This is a good way to determine if they comprehend what they read.
  • Flash cards help children remember multiplication tables. Make your own or buy a set.
  • You should not have to use dry noodles, blocks and other counters as much in third grade. Children should start to solve math problems with scrap paper and some may start to work their problems in their heads.

Complete Curriculum Favorites for 3rd Grade:

Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse — 3rd grade is the earliest grade that can start using this computerized learning program. Most third graders are ready for it and love it!
Alpha Omega Life Pacs — This mastery learning program is great for kids who love to master a topic before moving on to the next.
Sonlight Curriculum — If your second grader was bored with history, make it come to life in 3rd grade by trying Sonlight’s program.

Third Grade Science Curriculum Favorite:

Apologia Science — One of the most interesting ways to teach science, this gives a great foundation for 3rd grade students to learn to love science.

Top 3rd Grade Homeschool Math Curriculum Choices:

Horizons Math — Does your child like colorful worksheets and a little challenge? This curriculum and its spiral learning method is excellent for gifted students or ones who rise to a challenge.
Saxon Math — The mastery learning method of this curriculum makes it a good fit for students who want to master a skill before moving on to a new concept.
MathUSee — A parent favorite, this program brings math concepts to life with visual representations of problems to help kids understand how math works.

What third grade curriculum works best in your homeschool? Share it here.