Reasons for Homeschooling

There are a number of reasons for homeschooling. Many choose based on religious beliefs, while others are not satisfied with the level of education that is offered by the public school systems.

Top Reasons Parents Give for Choosing to Homeschool

Here are some of the main reasons why parents start homeschooling their children:

* Homeschooling vs Public Schooling

Due to the decreases in funding, larger class sizes and insufficient teachers, education standards have decreased in the public school systems. Home school can provide a better education for students.

noschoolequalAccording to a National Center for Education statistics report, the most common reason parents decide not to send a child to a public school is that they think that the public school system is no longer a place capable of providing a quality education.

  • 48.9% of parents in their survey answered that their reason for wanting an alternative to public education was that they felt that their children would have a superior education at home. 
  • 25% felt that public school offered a poor learning environment for children.
  • 11% say that public schools do not challenge their child to perform well.

Instead of being concerned with standardized tests or class averages, parents as Homeschool teachers can concentrate on what is important: giving your children a good education.

* Private School Can Be Expensive

Private schools are simply not an affordable for many parents and homeschooling can be affordable on almost any budget.

* Child with Special Needs

Children with special needs and behavioral issues can be handled better in their home environment. In fact, in some cases there is a drop in behavioral issues.

* Religious Instruction and Values

Religion is also another reason why some parents choose to home school their children. Public school does not offer religious instruction for individuals who want to instill those values unto their children as part of daily instruction.

Many Christian parents believe that it is their responsibility to teach God’s Word daily, not occasionally, and more and more public school teachings are in direct contrast to Christian values.

* Convenience

Convenience of being able to adjust schedules around work and being able to do the things you want to do with your family. It also works well for parents who are working from home or who travel for their jobs.

Homeschooling allows parents to work their careers to the fullest while being able to educate their children and being able to travel when they need and want to.

* Gifted Children

There are also instances where parents begin educating their gifted children earlier than the public education system allows children to enter. This gives parents the opportunity to challenge their children and maintain developmental levels.

Studies have shown that gifted children in public schools who are not challenged may develop behavioral issues or actually intellectually fall backwards until the other children “catch up” with them. (How sad!)

extremecaution* Enjoy Their Kids

While there are definitely parents out there who cannot WAIT to get their kids into school and out of their hair, there are many who homeschool for the very opposite reason: they genuinely like spending time with their kids. They like getting to know them, learning with them and just being around them.

* Various Personal Reasons for Homeschooling

There are also a variety of other reasons for homeschooling children. There are a number of personal reasons as well outside of the general reasons why someone may choose to home school their children. The reasons may be based on family issues or the need to incorporate values and beliefs into the actual learning curriculum of the children.

They All Agree

However, the majority of people who home school their children agree that one of the biggest reasons for homeschooling is the ability to offer their children a better and more complete education at home that is challenging and provides the flexibility to incorporate values and beliefs into the curriculum.

Home school is a great way to educate your children and provide them with the tools they need to have a future in their chosen field. They are able to explore exactly what they have interest in.

Education can form the basis that allows children to becoming active and well adjusted adults in society. As a result it is important to provide them with the best education possible and home schooling is one way to ensure that children can reach his or her full potential.

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