Math U See: What Parents Love (and Don’t) About It

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One of the favorite homeschool math curriculum choices today is Math U See — a manipulative-based homeschool math curriculum. It utilizes DVD videos and manipulatives to teach students math.

Besides the videos and manipulatives, this homeschool math program is complete with a Teacher Manual and a Student Textbook.

The goal of this math curriculum is to encourage students to become confident problem solvers with a love for math. With the use of manipulatives, students not only learn math facts, rules, and formulas, but are also able to see how it can be applied to “real life.”

Why People Like the Program

mathusee• Visual learners will love that the manipulatives are the heart of this program. You continue to utilize them even while working in the textbook.

• Students are given the opportunity to understand the “why” behind the math rules that they learn.

• It is a systematic, step-by-step method to teaching math problems.

Some Criticisms of this Homeschool Math Program:

• Some children do not get enough review on things learned in past lessons and need more review.

• Some families get tired of using the manipulatives for every lesson.

Have You Used This Math Curriculum?

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