Konos Homeschool Unit Studies

Sometimes called the “grandaddy” of homeschool unit studies, the Konos curriculum is a favorite for many homeschooling families.

250xNxhomeschoolscience.jpg.pagespeed.ic.pbU37raTKpAbout these Unit Studies

This homeschool curriculum is a unit study curriculum that centers on focusing not just on education but on the character of the children as well. It focuses on creating a love of learning, hands on education and critical thinking skills. It also helps to provide parents with the skills necessary to become teachers as well as parents for your children.

How it Works

The curriculum splits concepts into units that allow the integration of a variety of lessons and subjects within a single platform. The curriculum can even be used as a supplement for individuals who want to supplement the education of their children in public and private school systems.

Many parents swear by this system! Some parents would not homeschool any other way.

Benefits of the Konos Curriculum

* The units are set up by character traits and then the lessons, which incorporate these traits, are the separated and listed under the traits. You can easily choose the character traits or subject matter you are looking for when planning your lessons.

* For Christian homeschoolers, they love that their Christian values are woven into every aspect of their child’s education.

* Each of the lessons contains a variety of school subjects that are covered underneath each of the units.

* The curriculum does go up over age 14 so there are curriculum options from elementary school to high school.

Possible Disadvantages of the Konos Curriculum

* If you are a secular homeschooler, you may not like this curriculum. This is definitely a Christian religious based curriculum and some families may find this to be an advantage others may not. It should not however put anyone off of the curriculum alone.

* This curriculum relies heavily on involvement and pre-planning by the teaching parent. If you are a busy parent, this may not work for your situtation.

* Math is not integrated in this program. There is actually a separate program for Math with this curriculum. This may be a disadvantage for people who want to have a completely integrated curriculum.

* Some parents find that this curriculum is best for elementary school students and best for families that are just starting home school and may choose a more traditional homeschool method for upper grades.

* Another possible disadvantage is the fact that the unit studies allow children a number of choices. While for some children this can be highly rewarding for others it may be too much freedom. It depends on your personal needs..

If you are looking for a curriculum that inspires Christian values and incorporates them into the lessons then this is one of top unity study curriculum choices to consider.

Konos in a Box

They also offer a user-friendly shortened version of their curriculum called “KONOS In-A-Box.” This covers about 14-18 weeks and includes absolutely everything you need from books to craft supplies…so parents can focus on teaching rather than researching, making trips to the library, and gathering supplies.

Click here to visit their website to learn more.

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