Keystone High School Review: Horrible Experience

By Alex

Keystone Visitor Review:
I’m Alex and I’m from Colorado. The grade used was 11th, or junior year of high school. I used this school from 2010 to unfortunately now, 2012.

I have never experienced such an unprofessional school in my life. My counselors were nonexistent, my teachers were close to nonexistent as well. My teachers never made any effort to get to know me as a student or even help me. In fact, the only contact I had at all with a teacher was when I was accused of plagiarism.

Although I had to teach myself everything I figured it would be a good learning experience. I was very wrong.

I had achieved “A’s” in two classes and no remaining assignments had the capability to raise or lower my grades, therefore I didn’t waste my time doing the pointless assignments. I figured that because I had reached the best grade possible, I was complete. As time went on I ended up going to a traditional high school and the high school needed my transcripts from Keystone High School. They would not give my school my transcript until I completed the missing assignments.

I then had to pay a $50 dollar fee to reinstate my classes to complete the assignments, that have no possible impact on my grade.

All in all, this school doesn’t care about the students and their future, it cares about their money.

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  • TheresALightOn Aug 5, 2015, 12:29 pm

    They don’t even care enough to update the curriculum which hasn’t been updated for seven or more years. I find the course work to be over the top, inaccurate, and too writing and assignment extensive.

    Yes. The teachers don’t give a hoot about you. All they do is grade and give feedback with minimal effort. They don’t care about the individual student and make no effort to reach out to help. Falling behind in course work? Taking over the average amount of time to complete a course? Sucks for you because no teacher will help you. I bet they want you to take as much time as you can so they get payed more when course deadlines come up and you have to pay the fee to keep the course on your account.

    It is extremely hard to stay motivated because no assignment has a deadline. Students can easily lose their way and get behind in school just like you and me. Not all teenagers are with it enough to realise that education is the most important stepping stone to have. The average kid will procrastinate too much. I regret ever continuing Keystone. At this point, it is too late for me to stop. I should have bailed like my friend did years ago. I’m a full time student and I can’t tell you how much it has burdened me.

    My parents enrolled me because it would “teach me to be self disciplined and provide a great learning experience”. They were dead wrong. I’ve taken classes like Biology, English, Language, and I’ve hardly retained any of it after completion. It is a joke. Maybe regular schools are like this too but at least they don’t make you do fall behind in school.

    I hate Keystone with a passion and I know my friends, who’ve taken it, do too. None of my friends who were full time Keystone students graduated on time. All of them spent years putting their life back together so they could go to college. I’m in the same boat. I have a poor education, have no social life, and am depressed as anyone can be. I wouldn’t wish Keystone on my worst enemy.


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