Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum

Why Bob Jones Homeschool Curriculum?

Whether you are looking for a complete homeschool curriculum for your younger kids or high school for the older ones, you may want to consider Bob Jones curriculum for your family.

About Bob Jones Curriculum

holybibleThe Bob Jones Homeschool Complete curriculum is designed for Kindergarten through High school and is designed to present a Christian homeschool education for families. It is an intensive program that is structured to be just like a traditional school structure. It covers all the basic subjects and it covers Bible study as well. All the course lessons are themed towards the Christian belief system.

The program is extremely complete with updates on a regular basis to textbooks and materials there are also several options.

BJU Homeschool offers a full line of quality homeschool curriculum products including traditional textbook-based curriculum as well as distance learning options available to homeschool online, by DVD, and by hard drive.

Things to Know

* Other than the distance learning options, the program is extensively teacher oriented. This means that it requires quite a bit of preparation despite the fact that lesson plans are laid out in order to be able to teach the lessons.

* Because of the structure you will have to teach around 6 hours a day with the traditional methods, similar to traditional schooling, in order to cover everything. For those families looking for more flexibility this may not be the program for you.

* It does offer a number of additions that are not found in most home schooling programs such as a physical graduation ceremony.

* It gives children transcription from an private institution, which can be a big help when you are attempting to get your children into college.

* It has an advantage of being very precise and very detailed.

* Bob Jones High school students who use the program often score well on standardized tests and college entrance exams.

Bob Jones Homeschool Distance Learning

The Bob Jones Curriculum Distance Learning program options takes away many of the burdens off the homeschooling parent by doing some of the instruction for you.

  • The DVD homeschooling option includes all books and materials and can be watched at your convenience. It is available for K4-12th grades.
  • The Hard Drive option allows you to have the programs for 13 months and is available for grades k4-8th.
  • The Online Homeschooling is available for K4-12th grade and includes online assessments for high school homeschooling students.

Disadvantages to the Program

There are some downsides to the traditional program. For parents that are work at home or families with more than one child it can be a difficult program because it is so teacher intensive.

It is not a program designed to have children be self taught.

Teaching parents can spend several hours a week just in preparation and planning as well as on research and in some cases learning the material yourself in order to teach and since it is highly structured you will need to devote a good portion of the day to instruction.

However, if the traditional approach is not an option for your family, the distance learning options may be a better solutions.

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