Apologia Science Curriculum

Looking for a great homeschool science curriculum? Many families choose Apologia Science homeschool curriculum.

Many home schooling families select their homeschool curriculum based on what works for them. It is also not uncommon for there to be several different sets of curriculum if there is more than one child in the family. As a result, there has been an increase in subject based curriculum.

These are programs, which are set up for a specific subject, they are not full spread programs. This allows you to pick one curriculum for science and another for math.

What to Expect

The Apologia Curriculum is one such subject based program. It is designed to present a Christian based view of science. The program also offers a conversational writing style, which is a very welcome relief from the dry boring science texts that dominate the market.

This homeschool science curriculum is designed for Kindergarten through 12th grade. It offers a basic overview for elementary school and a narrower focus for middle and high school.

Is this Curriculum Right for You?

This homeschool science curriculum has earned both great praise and still has had mixed reviews:

*The texts are very well done and make a student very well prepared for future science classes. High school students using the Apologia curriculum are very ready for college-level science courses.

*The conversational style, which is highly informal, can make it difficult to for some children remember things when it comes time to take formalized testing. It also has a number of labs and other experiements, which require gathering various materials. Depending on the experiment, this can be difficult.

* It is a highly specialized style and as a result is not designed for a broad base of learning styles. It does offer a unique view point and a unique presentation, which for children who have difficulties with more formalized styles can be helpful.

* The tests do not seem to follow the same style as the textbooks leading some children to be confused.

* It offers a Christian based view point, which for individuals who prefer an evolutionary stand point in regards to science may be considered a disadvantage for the program, but Christians will love and embrace it!

* It does come with computer accompaniments, which can be a welcome addition as there are many homeschool science curriculum, which do not include computer aids.

* Apologia Science also comes with a help line, which can be a good resource for parents who need some additional guidance teaching their children.

Online Homeschool Option

You can also have your child attend the internet courses, which have recently become a part of the Apologia Science program. This gives those home schooling families that need grade validation for the state one less thing to worry about and having grades validated by a third party can go a long way for college acceptance in regards to home schooling.

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