Alpha Omega Homeschool Academy

The Alpha Omega Homeschool Academy is an excellent umbrella program using their LifePac, Horizons, Monarch, and Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse curriculums.

What Alpha Omega Homeschool Academy Offers

The Alpha Omega Academy has courses from kindergarten through high school. They are assigned a “teacher” and even though they are doing the work at home, students are required to have 180 instructional days for each school year like a public school. (This can include field trips, outside classes and lessons.)

Alpha Omega Homeschool AcademyHomeschooling Curriculum Used

Children who enroll in the Alpha Omega Homeschool Academy may choose from three homeschooling options:

  • The LifePac and Horizons option is available for grades Kindergarten through 12th grade. This is a print-based work text curriculum that would be graded by the parent (who has an answer key) and sent into the school.
  • The Switched on Schoolhouse option is available for grades 3-12 and utilizes a computer-based program that automatically grades and sends results to the assigned teacher.
  • The Monarch Online Curriculum option is available to use if your child will have access to a good internet connection for his or her schoolwork. Similar to Switched-on-Schoolhouse, this computerized homeschooling method will send results to your child’s teacher for grading and record-keeping.

Pros and Cons of the Alpha Omega Homeschool Academy

As with any umbrella program, the biggest benefit is that it can drastically reduce parental preparation and teaching time, which is a big plus for busy parents. It is also substantially less expensive than most private school or other online homeschooling options.

The biggest downfall is the need to keep attendance and the lack of flexibility in what your child learns and when.

Our Experience with the Alpha Omega Homeschool Academy

We used this curriculum for the first year after pulling our oldest child out of the traditional school system. It was a nice transition because it gave us flexibility to plan our days but also provided us with a supportive staff, report cards and the accountability we needed as first-time homeschoolers.

They also provided us with reading lists, planning and tracking tools and the fabulous LifePac curriculum.

We wanted to home school, but need some friendly help, and we found it there.

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