K12 Internet Homeschooling Online

Looking at online homeschool options? K12 internet homeschooling curriculum is an adaptive based online distance-learning program offered as both a public and private school. It is designed to meet the needs of the individual student and allow for full growth potential.

Many students fall outside of the normal classroom median as a result these students do not get to realize their full potential. The k12 curriculum is designed to provide students with a way to take the courses that they want, at the pace they need while still getting the subjects that they need. K12 internet homeschooling curriculum schools are accredited for both the public and private institutions.

K12 Curriculum Options

homeschoolinggirlhomeworkPublic schools are available for grades kindergarten through 12th grade in several states. These are charted schools. This means they are covered by federal and private funding and cost nothing for you to enroll your child.

For those that who are outside the regions which are associated with the public school program there is a private school which is fee based and covers all grades from k-12. This is the program which is most often used by international students.

The private school is also accredited and recognized. It offers degree programs and the fees are course based exactly like the college system of pay per course per semester.

The Advantages of the K12 Curriculum

It has a number of public schools located throughout the country that serves several regions and provides free education for kindergarten through 12th grades.

  • It is accredited. This is important for those seeking acceptance into college.
  • The curriculum covers from Kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • It appeals to those who are looking for a secular homeschool option void of religious references.
  • The courses are designed to match the student and offer a wide range of interests to allow students the freedom to develop their own potential while they still get the required education.
  • A private school option is also offered for K-12th grades with a course-based system. All material costs are covered by tuition if the public school option is not available in your area.

The disadvantages of the K12 Curriculum

  • There are a number of fees including upgrade and booster fees for homeschooling online
  • The public school program is limited to a small list of states and a small number of areas in those states
  • This is a secular homeschool option which bothers some parents who homeschool for religious reasons.
  • If a public school option is not available in your area, the private online option is quite expensive for most parents.
  • The student to teacher ratio is 50 to 1 though it is a distance education program and a home school curriculum the program is designed to be monitored by a certified teacher or led by them. This ratio is higher than most public school systems.

Is K12 internet Homeschooling For You?

The homeschooling curriculum has a number of distinct advantages and a number of disadvantages. It is unique in that courses are designed to bring out the full potential of students by allowing a by course system. This means that as parents you can purchase a single course allow your child the time they need to master the course and then purchase the next one. You can also purchase them in blocks. This allows children to learn at their pace and level.

If you are looking for an online homeschool, this is a top choice for many parents.

Have You Used the K12 Curriculum?

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