Homeschool Umbrella School Opportunities

An umbrella school is a school that assists parents choosing to homeschool their children by providing assistance and fulfilling state educational requirements.

What Is the Purpose of These Homeschooling Programs?

Homeschoolers who are subject to very strict government requirements often choose to educate their children at home using an umbrella or satellite program. Other homeschoolers join these schools because they just do not want to do it alone and want the added peace of mind and guidance that the program can provide them.

These schools usually choose the curriculum for parents or at least guide their selections. They also offer material needed, testing services, transcripts, attendance records and other helpful documentation.

While you may have to send a teacher your child’s work, the education of the child still takes place in your home, but you do not have to drive or send your children to a school building every day to learn.

What are the Benefits of an Umbrella Program?

festivaloftheartsUmbrella School Programs:

  • Give legal legitimacy to a family’s homeschooling program in states that require it.
  • Provide student report cards.
  • Keep attendance records.
  • Give curriculum guidance or provide curriculum.
  • Provide a student ID cards.

Generally these schools also drastically reduce parental preparation and teaching time.

State Requirements

Some parents have no choice but to choose these programs if they choose to teach their children at home.

In some states, homeschooling is as simple as doing it. In other states, it is as easy as filing some paperwork and picking out your curriculum.

However, there are also states that have very strict requirements for eligibility, record-keeping, daily logged hours, and core subjects needed. In those situations, parents often need to have an umbrella program to help them legally keep their children home.

Every state has its own legal requirements for education. Although education is mandatory for children in every state, there is a vast difference between the rules in each state. To check the rules by state, visit the Home School Legal Defense Association.

Top Umbrella Programs

Two of the top programs are Alpha Omega Academy and the Calvert School.

Both of these top choices are winners of our “5 Star Award” for excellence.

Just check carefully to make sure that the program that you choose complies with your states requirements before you sign up!