Mark Kistler’s Online Art Academy Reviews

Have you tried Mark Kistler for your homeschool art lessons? These parent share their reviews of this program for learning artistic techniques online.

PBS’s Favorite Art teacher Mark Kistler has a very popular online homeschool art curriculum that is appropriate for anyone over the age of 4.

He teaches how to draw in 3-D simply and in ways that kids really understand.

Membership is for the entire family for his Mark Online Art Academy of over 300 lessons.

Thinking about it?

Considering the Mark Online Art Academy Curriculum this year? Here are some visitor homeschool curriculum reviews to help you make your choice.

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By Berta L (Sherman, TX) Visitor Review: Honestly, before I purchased Mark Kistler's homeschool art curriculum, I did not know anything about it or about Mark Kistler. When I saw the offer on a website, I did some research because I was in desperate need of an art program that was not only educational, but [...]

By Pamela Hodnefield (Independence, WI) Visitor Review: I wasn't intending to purchase any art curriculum, but my 3rd grade daughter seemed to really enjoy drawing. When Mark Kistler's online membership was offered as a special through Homeschool Buyers Coop last fall, I decided it was worth it to give it a try. I hoped it [...]

By Wani (Indpls, IN, USA) Visitor Review: Originally I was not planning on purchasing any extra art curriculum for my son's second grade year. However, a friend was telling me about Mark Kistler's Online Video Art Lessons and I was intrigued. Over the last year my son has become more interested in drawing and writing [...]

By Aynsley (Burke, VA) Visitor Review: My 10 year old daughter has used this for art lessons and really enjoys it. She first used his book the Draw Squad which she loved and would be a great resource to see if his style of art appeals to your child. The website is an extension of [...]