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Thinking of trying K12 Virtual Academy? Before you try this option for homeschooling online, check out these reviews of the K12 curriculum from homeschooling parents like you.

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By Katelyn (USA) Visitor Review: Do not use k12 at all, I am a 9th grader in k12 Colorado virtual academy, used 2014 to 2015. I do not like k12 at all, I could not contact the counselor at all about my english course that I didn't get until the second semester of school, I [...]

By SarahLentz (USA) Visitor Review: We're at the end of our second week with K12, and we have three kids enrolled (Grades 1, 4 & 6) and one very active two-year-old getting into everything when my back is turned (say, when I'm trying to help one of the older kids with schoolwork). There is TOO [...]

By Stacy T (Texas) Visitor Review: After several months of trying to get my 9th grader enrolled after surgery we gave up. They do not care about the students muchless the curriculum. I submitted the electric bill to show proof of res. and they rejected it several times because it didn't show the address. It [...]

By Nashilly (United States) Visitor Review: Hi, im Nashlly, and im from Georgia.I started doing k12 this year, and I just HATE it. I used to be a good student, always had A's and B's, and now my grades are dropping because of Study Island, projects, GA411. and way too much more! That was ridiculous. [...]

By Joyce (Orlando, Florida) Visitor Review: I'm a Learning Coach for my grand for Kindergarten and now First Grade. The style of teaching is the best. My grand is taking advance classes and mastering them also. K12 assess her with student connect which is great, to pin point any issues. So far there is none. [...]

By Jessica (King City, CA, USA) Visitor Review: I have been using this home learning for one year now. It is my kids and I first experience in home schooling so we needed as much help as possible. There are pros and cons with the K12 system. Pros: 1). Structured lessons plans 2). @ end [...]


By Shelley Hadsell (Los Angeles, CA) Visitor Review: Run don't walk, from this awful school. They teach strictly to the State Standards for testing. The curriculum bounces from subject to subject and the kids never get a chance to really learn. Have You Used This Homeschool Curriculum? Help other homeschool parents! Submit a review now!


By Agatha Ratajczak (Upland, CA) Visitor Review: Grades Used: 10th - 11th Dates used: ~2014 My child has decided to leave K12 this year because of the teachers' and counselors' actions. Our experience with CAVA over the last few years has been horrible. Not only do the teachers (specifically Andrea Gentille) show complete apathy for [...]

By Leann (Wisconsin) Visitor Review: I have been using K12 curriculum either independently or with a virtual school for ten years. I prefer to use it independently (homeschool). I preferred this because I could decide which parts of the classes to do to achieve the points of the lesson, but it is extremely expensive. For [...]

By Anonymous (USA) Visitor Review: We used K12 for 3 years as part of the public school system. For us it was too much work and very time consuming.To do the k-12 curriculum along w/ all the things required for state assessments was insane! My son had some emotional issues this year and when they [...]

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