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Thinking of trying K12 Virtual Academy? Before you try this option for homeschooling online, check out these reviews of the K12 curriculum from homeschooling parents like you.

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By Mason (North Carolina) Visitor Review: Hi my name is mason I am in 5th grade this is my first time EVER doing online school I am going to share with you some pros and cons about this school. Pros 1.Nice teachers 2. Friendly 3. Challenging (sorry if I spelt this wrong) 4. Makes you [...]

By Katelyn (USA) Visitor Review: Do not use k12 at all, I am a 9th grader in k12 Colorado virtual academy, used 2014 to 2015. I do not like k12 at all, I could not contact the counselor at all about my english course that I didn't get until the second semester of school, I [...]

By SarahLentz (USA) Visitor Review: We're at the end of our second week with K12, and we have three kids enrolled (Grades 1, 4 & 6) and one very active two-year-old getting into everything when my back is turned (say, when I'm trying to help one of the older kids with schoolwork). There is TOO [...]

By Stacy T (Texas) Visitor Review: After several months of trying to get my 9th grader enrolled after surgery we gave up. They do not care about the students muchless the curriculum. I submitted the electric bill to show proof of res. and they rejected it several times because it didn't show the address. It [...]

By Nashilly (United States) Visitor Review: Hi, im Nashlly, and im from Georgia.I started doing k12 this year, and I just HATE it. I used to be a good student, always had A's and B's, and now my grades are dropping because of Study Island, projects, GA411. and way too much more! That was ridiculous. [...]

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