Best Homeschool Math Curriculum Options


Need help choosing the best homeschool math curriculum? Children have different learning styles and needs. Parents have different talents and teaching styles. This is especially true when learning and teaching mathematics.

Therefore, finding a good fit for a mathematics program means that you need to take all of that into account before making your choice.

Mathematics can be one of the hardest subjects for many parents to teach. However, understanding your needs and the choices out there can help you to find a program that works for you and your family. It may be that you also decide to use different curriculum as a child goes from grade school to middle school, and finally high school.

There are many options for homeschooling families no matter if you desire a faith based system or a non denomination or neutral approach.  Just make sure that whatever system you use is compatible with the overall values of your family before you invest in the full curriculum.

Homeschooling Rates On The Rise

More and more families are choosing to homeschool their children. There are many reasons for this such as overcrowded classrooms, living remotely, desire for faith based education, and the expense of private schools. Luckily the cost of homeschooling has actually decreased over the years due to technological advances and more curriculum options becoming available.

Math is a subject that can be a real struggle for those in crowded public or private schools. Homeschooling offers the opportunity to give a child the extra help and individualized lesson plans to make sure they are successful at learning the math skills they need. No more being embarrassed for not understanding a concept quickly.

Our Top Picks:

198xNxhorizonsmath.jpg.pagespeed.ic.h_Eztjd6PZHorizons Math
Horizons is one of our top picks because it has an excellent instructor’s manual, organized format and is one of the best foundations for children through sixth grade level. Unlike most mathematics curriculum, this program uses the spiral learning method to slowly introduce new concepts while constantly building on prior knowledge. If your child needs to master a subject before moving on to new concepts, it would not be a good choice for you. However, if your children do best with variety and challenge, this might be a perfect fit. When we ask for feedback from homeschoolers who have used it, we hear that parents love the challenging program and kids like the colorful and fun pages ofthe workbooks. To learn more about Horizons homeschool math options…
MathUSee is a favorite among many parents who say they didn’t like math as kids. This program is very hands-on and manipulative-based. It is likely that parents change their mind about teaching math when they try this system. It utilizes DVD videos and manipulatives to teach children mathematics. Students “SEE” and understand concepts and answers instead of just memorizing them. This can be especially helpful for children and adults who need to visually understand a concept instead of just reading about it. Click here to learn more
199xNxsaxonmath87.jpg.pagespeed.ic.f1SG3_iJnESaxon (54 and higher)
Saxon is favorite of many homeschool families. We think that the level 54 and higher grades are top choices for most learning styles, but we like other programs more for the younger students. Saxon offers great instruction in Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, and other advanced subjects.Many public and private schools use Saxon texts for required math courses. Saxon has come a long way from just being a textbook and worksheet based system.  Parents can get samples of texts online. It is fairly easy to find Saxon curriculum that is used. A CD rom companion set is available that provides interactive solutions and lesson plans to help parents make the most out of teaching time.The CDs are unfortunately only meant for those teaching so Saxon is not the best choice for children that need a more interactive math experience. Saxon is a secular system but with math this is not often a determining factor for many homeschool families. For more about Saxon…
198xNxteachingtextbooksgrade4.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ZdbIVTojt1Alpha Omega LifePacs
LifePac Math is great for children who like the workbook method of learning and excel when mastering one subject at a time. A year of study is broken down into 10 worktexts based on similar concepts. Students generally like and appreciate the sense of accomplishment each time they successfully complete a worktext.  To learn more about LifePac options…
186xNxsos2013.jpg.pagespeed.ic.vriN1_TX6QAlpha Omega SOS
This is the same great home school program available in the LifePac version, but is available in a computerized version for anyone from 3rd grade level and above. This is great for parents get tired of correcting mathematics papers and for kids who like computer games! If you have a child that is hard to pull away from the computer then this is a very good system to start with. Busy households that are trying to homeschool multiple children will find that this system works well and produces great results. Those with kids that have short attention spans would do well to give Switched On Schoolhouse a try.All too many children are disciplined for not paying attention or even diagnosed with learning problems when it is actually the method being used to convey the information they need to know. It is hard for those teaching in public schools to alter curriculum to meet each child’s unique learning capabilities. In many cases alternating any curriculum is strictly against the rules. Switched On Schoolhouse is a Bible based curriculum. For more about Switched on Schoolhouse…
Abeka Math
Abeka is an old name when it comes to homeschooling. The Abeka program is so popular that you can often find materials used from a variety of sources such as eBay or  Some parents report that this is a fast paced curriculum that is most suitable for fast learners that don’t mind a challenge. This means that parents that are not as comfortable with math might find Abeka a little overwhelming at first.Abeka is a Christian based text. Math is taught as being an important part of God’s order of the universe so it deserves to be learned and given respect. This program is worksheet based so it is not the best for those that need to have concepts explained using a more real world and hands on approach.

It may be useful for parents to combine Abeka Math with some hands on math examples to make it easier for their child to get excited about learning.  Abeka is considered one of the better programs for gifted children that tend to get bored with other math curriculum. For more info on Abeka….

198xNxteachingtextbooksgrade4.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ZdbIVTojt1Teaching Textbooks
This program is ideal for parents who may be a little intimidated when even thinking about teaching advanced math concepts to their children. This gives such great detailed instruction that is it not difficult for students to work through it themselves if their parents need a little math refresher to help them with the work.  Many students who struggle in other programs thrive under this one.Teaching Textbooks offers all levels of math instruction including upper level courses such as algebra and pre-calculus.  The easy to use CD roms include an electronic grade book so parents don’t actually have to grade any work themselves. Lots of interactive assignments will help keep the attention of those that have a hard time concentrating on a mere textbook.  There is an accompany text book and key to utilize as well. Easy to use placements test can let you know at what level you should start each child. For more about Teaching Textbooks…
197xNxMCPmath.jpg.pagespeed.ic.0B_jyBAm_AModern Curriculum Press
MCP Math is designed for parents to be able to help their children and to be able teach mathematics easily even if it is not the parent’s best subject. There are plenty of activities and the program comes with a very thorough workbook that can often be done almost completely independently by older students.This series is often used by parents of children that are struggling to learn key concepts since it offers an easy to use text and an excellent learning pace. The texts are very affordable even when bought new.This is a good choice for those that have children that want to be homeschooled but are worried about having enough time to dedicate to teaching. It is very easy to find both used and new materials. has a wide selection of Modern Curriculum Press texts.   For more about MCP…

Try Them Out

One of the best ways to find the right fit for a program is to try it out. Ask a friend who uses each curriculum if you can see how it works or try it with your child for a week.


If that is not a possibility, check Ebay for used home school books and workbooks. If there is a collective of homeschooling families in your area you may find that they are willing to exchange materials with you or sell you used materials.

Give it a try! You may be surprised at how much fun mathematics can be and how much you learn yourself as you teach your children! Homeschooling has so many benefits to offer and it is a small fraction of the cost of private education. In fact many homeschool parents save money compared to sending their children to public schools when they add up all the time and expenses associated with it.

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