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By Jamie (Mississippi) Visitor Review: I have dyslexic children and Math U See is exceptional for them. We bounced around for years with different maths but have stuck with Math U See. I only wish we had known when they started school- it would have been much easier on them all of these years. Math [...]

By Cathe (USA) Visitor Review: I love MATH U See! It has changed my life...our lives!! I have TEN kids down to six that I HS and use Math U See for them all! Aaaaaaaa+++++++++++++++ Curr. Have You Used This Homeschool Curriculum? Help other homeschool parents! Submit a review now!

By Elizabeth (Nebraska) Visitor Review: I am Elizabeth from Nebraska (a military family) I have been homeschooling for almost three years and used Math U See for two of those years. My boys Love math. They say it is their favorite subject. Isn't that the best thing you can hear from your homeschooling kids? They [...]

By Evelyn (United States) Visitor Review: The children loved working with the Math U See games. They were a great supplement to all the other activities we use. Their favorite game was Skyscrapers where you use the rods to form the four corners and cardboard for the floors. Each of the corners has to add [...]

By Dana Perez (Southern California) Visitor Review: This is the math for us. Steve is funny and easy to understand. The manipulatives are totally awesome, they reveal a lot of truth at cannot be denied. Very well , thought out. If it holds my daughters attention, It must be good. The Parent Answer Book is [...]

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