Daily Homeschool Schedules

Homeschool families can set up their homeschool schedules any way that fits but it sometimes takes a while to find out what works best for your family. Many new homeschoolers find that it helps to see what others are doing.

Sample Schedules

Schedules often differ by the age of the children in your family, the homeschool curriculum that you choose and the needs of the children.

Here are some sample schedules based on curriculum:

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I can't say that we always follow this to the nthdegree, but the following is a great sample guideline from the Time4Learning "Welcome to Homeschooling" guide on how to schedule your day using the Time4Learning curriculum. 8:30 - 8:45 Opening of Day - Perhaps some rituals and a review of the day's schedule 8:45 - [...]

Almost 9 Year Old Boy: 8-8:15 The One Year Bible: New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs. 8:30-9:15 PE- Bike riding 9:15-9:45 Rosetta Stone Latin 9:45-10 Outside play 10-10:45 ALEKS math 3rd grade(done early if he gets 4 topics added to his piechart) 10:45-11 Outside play Holy Bible 11-12 Multimedia portions of Hippocampus AP American History with [...]

Our daily schedule is pretty loose as we are homeschooling Kindergarten and Preschool. We use My Father's World for our homeschool curriculum, and we're lapbooking. A typical day looks like this: Morning Routine (get dressed, eat, chores for mom, freeplay) School Work Snack School Work Play Time Lunch Read Aloud Quiet Time Chores Snack Play [...]