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Is your homeschool considering an Apologia curriculum? Many parents are fans of this curriculum for high school science or for multiple grades of younger children.

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By Lauren Mirecki (Ontario, Canada) Visitor Review: We began using Zoology last year and started with Flying Creatures of the 5th day. We studied everything from birds to insects to the flying dinosaurs. All 3 of my children (2,4 and 6) have LOVED the time we sit down to read together, as well as exploring [...]

By Stephanie (Alabama) Visitor Review: This year was really my first full year of homeschooling my third grader, my first time picking our official "Science" curriculum. We pulled him out of public school last year in the middle of second grade, and did a pretty good job finishing out the school year with various materials [...]

By Sonya (Littleton, CO) Visitor Review: This was my first year using Apologia. We are studying Day 5 of creation all the flying creatures. I really like this curriculum because not only does it follow a Charlotte Mason method of learning but everything is from a Christian view point. I can use 1 curriculum for [...]

By Shellina (Alabama) Visitor Review: We have used General, Physical, Biology and Chemistry. I have to admit as a Christian homeschooling Mother, other than Bible, this is my favorite subject. I truly love that it is academically challenging, yet engaging and filled with a worldview that does not ignore God nor science. I feel so [...]

By Rhonda Leins (White, SD) Visitor Review: My name is Rhonda, and I am from South Dakota. I have used this curriculum for at least two years. My daughter is now finishing the 4th grade. She absolutely loves science because of this curriculum. My older daughter who has graduated from High School and never liked [...]

By Sandy (Rockledge) Visitor Review: I've used the astronomy with my 2nd grader and am now using the botany with him as a 4th grader. We both really like (love) this series. It keeps our attention by keeping it interesting, using great photos, and ties it all in with everyday examples. The author gives the [...]

By Anonymous (USA) Visitor Review: I recommend this curriculum because it's complete. My oldest daughter is currently in medical school and my youngest son was accepted into the same school. When they are taken chemistry and biology in high school level, was basically the same class at university level. They liked so much and did [...]

By Colleen (Iowa) Visitor Review: We love the elementary books. They are very informative as well as exciting. My children ask to do their science instead of crying because they have to do it . It is very simple to use and understand. We have tried many other things in the past and always come [...]

By Karen Nelson (United States) Visitor Review: I have used the Exploring Creation series for several years, and highly recommend it for those who want an in-depth, accurate, detailed, and exhaustive study of the various sciences. The illustrations are top-notch, and the format of the chapters is easy to follow and allows for discussion between [...]

By Hilda Manriquez (Princeton, NC , USA) Visitor Review: Choosing Apologia has been one of our best decisions for our school. The lessons are very well written and compiled. The experiments are 'do-able' and fun. We have enjoyed every aspect of this curriculum. We waited until higher grades to introduce a 'formal' science curriculum... Choosing [...]