The Well Trained Mind Visitor Review

By Misty

The Well Trained Mind Visitor Review:
Grade Used: 3rd through 9th
Date Used: 2003-2006

I used “The Well-Trained Mind” as a homeschool resource book when I was homeschooling my two boys. It focuses on the Classical approach to education. In 2004, the book was revised to include a more recent list of resources.

I was impressed with the guide as it explained what stage of learning that the child was in and recommended resources for use in their education.

It made it easy for me to use some of the same resources for both children even though they were three years apart in grade level, which saved a bunch of money. I was able to select reading material at their individual grade levels that accompanied the lessons that were similar.

Susan Bauer was actually home schooled by her mother, Jessie Wise. Throughout the book they share their experience and knowledge that was gained through homeschooling using the Classical approach.

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