By Katey Kautz
(Blanchard, ID)

Spelling City Visitor Review:
As much as I don’t like too much computer time for the kids…I am okay when it is educational. Especially when they don’t know they are learning.

Spelling City is so easy to use. I just plug in the words I want them to learn and the site does the rest. Our current list is vocabulary from What Ever Happened to Penny Candy.

With the premium membership Spelling City will keep track of your students test scores. How cool is that! You can also share lists with other homeschoolers which I think is equally as cool!

There are so many other resources! Many more than just entering your list for the kids to work on.

The Literature Based Word lists are what I am most excited about right now. It goes along so well with many books I want to have the kids read already.

You can also create printables…handwriting worksheets and different printable games. You can also print form letters if you are a teacher in a traditional classroom.

AVKO and Sequential Spelling lists are also available.

Another plus is it is web based so it can be accessed from any computer, library, laptop in a hotel (yes I make them do school on roadtrips) and grandma’s.

I honestly have not found any negatives with Spelling City.

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