PACE Curriculum Review

By Shawna S
(California, USA)

PACE Curriculum Visitor Review:
This is my first year of Homeschooling my special needs son Brenden. I have decided to use the LIFEPAC this year, it is a first.

But, for the past 3 years I have had him enrolled in Christian Private Schools that use the PACE Curriculum. I LOVED IT!!! But with this year of being a new homeschooling parent, I decided after research of Lifepac, that I would try it as well.

But not being SURE, and his hardest subject being MATH, I purchased a PACE 2nd grade math. I am SOOO HAPPY that I did, because the Lifepac seems to be difficult for him. I wished I would of ordered all PACE for him, but now I cannot afford to buy it.

Don’t get me wrong though, I LOVE the LIFEPAC too, its just a little advanced for him at this time. I love them both so much!!! But especially the PACE books with very interesting stories. (And, they are TRUE too!)

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