My Father’s World Adventures in American History

By Angie B


My Father’s World Visitor Review:
We are now in the middle of My Father’s World Adventures in American History with my 2nd and 3rd graders. It is a blend of Charlotte Mason, Unit Studies and Classical educational philosophies, which meant I didn’t have to decide between the three. It also has a strong Biblical base, which was important to us as well.

My children and I have enjoyed it much more than the textbook/workbook approach we used the year prior. We do more reading and hands-on activities than before, but nothing too involved for this “non-crafty” Mom. Most of the needed items you will already have in your home.

We have enjoyed this gentle yet thorough approach to learning and I appreciate their long-term goals. My Father’s World also allows you to choose your own Math and Language Arts; however, they do make very good recommendations which you can purchase from their company as well.

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